Shanley International China

Shanley International Co Ltd has been a registered company in Hongkong since 2009. We have an office and special textile manufacturing factory in Nantong on the Yangtse Delta an hour's drive from Shanghai. We use this factory to facilitate a European company to supply military tent fabric to the UK MOD and other special fabrics to the Egyptian military and to the EU military. We also supply the fire resistant blankets used on several airlines including British Airways.

We have an office and bag manufacturing factory in the Zhujiang Delta. We use this factory to supply military and civilian tents, various backpacks and fashion bags.

We have an affiliate business relationship with a glacier water factory in the Xinjiang autonomous region of western China. This water is famous for its purity as certified by EU and US laboratories. This affiliate also enables us to access the One Belt One Road road and rail system to transport goods from China to the EU.

As directors of the company, we share our time between China, the USA, Australia and the EU.

Contact Us:

+44 7733091269 (UK and EU)
+61 460921981   (Aust)
WeChat (China): Ricajls28